The Knight First Amendment Institute and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism co-host an event dedicated to exploring the ways in which the current legal environment may be hampering essential journalistic work. Journalism today is more data-dependent than ever, as accountability reporting increasingly requires examining everything from government databases to public records. Yet while the technical tools for doing this important work continue to rapidly improve, the legal framework for using those tools has failed to keep up. Laws like the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and new case law involving the Freedom of Information Act threaten data journalists’ ability to pursue a wide variety of stories in the public interest.

The evening features Victoria Baranetsky, general counsel at The Center for Investigative Reporting, in conversation with Jason Leopold, Senior Investigative Reporter @BuzzFeedNews, followed by a panel of attorneys and journalists specializing in technology and the First Amendment.

Data Journalism and the Law

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Pulitzer Hall
Columbia University


Victoria Baranetsky, The Center for Investigative Reporting
Jason Leopold, @BuzzFeedNews
Alex Abdo, The Knight First Amendment Institute
Esha Bhandari, American Civil Liberties Union
Surya Mattu, @team_markup

Hosted by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.