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Opinions published by the OLC, including those released in response to our FOIA lawsuit

Our Mission

We defend the freedoms of speech and the press in the digital age through strategic litigation, research, and public education.

We promote a system of free expression that is open and inclusive, that broadens and elevates public discourse, and that fosters creativity, accountability, and effective self-government.

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Discovery Logic: Making friends while finding gems

Institute’s Abdo Discusses Social Media Common Carrier Model on Public Knowledge’s Twitter Spaces

Institute’s Krent Assesses Future of Cases Involving Social Media Blocking at Cooley Law School Symposium


Free Speech & Social Media

Safeguarding the vitality and integrity of public discourse online

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Social Media Companies Want to Co-opt the First Amendment. Courts Shouldn’t Let Them.


Transparency & Democracy

Ensuring access to information necessary for self-government

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A Safe Harbor for Platform Research


Knight Institute policy paper proposes legal protection for certain research and newsgathering projects focused on platforms

Privacy & Surveillance

Protecting the privacy vital to free thought and expression

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Why is The U.S. Still Probing Foreign Visitors’ Social Media Accounts?

Many people expected the Biden administration to end a Trump-era policy. Instead, the administration is expanding it.

Blog series

Deep Dive

Rereading the First Amendment

Exposing the false assumptions that underlie contemporary First Amendment debates

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Essays and Scholarship

Privacy, Autonomy, and the Dissolution of Markets

Pathways from platform capitalism

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Advocacy Project

Knight Institute, Scholars Advise SEC That Proposed Climate Rules Do Not Raise First Amendment Concerns

Leading First Amendment scholars sign onto Knight Institute letter addressing constitutionality of new rules

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Amicus Brief

NetChoice, LLC v. Paxton

Fifth Circuit case challenging new laws regulating social media platforms

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