The Institute hosts, sponsors, and co-sponsors symposiums, panel discussions, debates, and other public programs throughout the year in support of its mission to defend freedom of speech and the press in the digitial age.

Upcoming Events

New York, NY

The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse

A symposium examining free speech implications of "breaking up" today's giant online platforms

Past Events

Columbia University, New York, NY

Abrams at 100: A Reassessment of Holmes's "Great Dissent"

A conference examining former Supreme Court Justice Holmes's contributions to First Amendment scholarship

New York, NY

A Conversation with Edward Snowden

A post-event video featuring Snowden talking about surveillance, security, and whistleblowers

New York, NY

Press Freedom, National Security, and Whistleblowers: From Julian Assange to the White House

Human rights and national security experts, United Nations Rapporteurs, and freedom of expression lawyers discuss the debate around WikiLeaks’ publishing, Assange’s prosecution, and the future of whistleblowing