Border Searches

Canadian Road Crossing – Complaint dated 02/01/12

“'Dad, why do we always get detained?'"

U.S. citizen, returning from Canada. Subject to search of all electronic devices.
Dallas Airport – Complaint dated 07/05/16

"I do not want this man to abuse other young female travelers like myself."

Traveler with undisclosed citizenship. Electronic devices searched. Detained several hours and harassed.
Houston Airport – Complaint dated 01/26/13

“My daughter went to use the bathroom which had no door, and a camera was aimed at her while she urinated. . . .”

U.S. citizen, doctor, returning from family vacation in Guatemala. Electronic devices searched and copied.
Undisclosed Port – Complaint dated 05/11/12

“I left Syria for such intimidation and overreaching by government agencies.”

U.S. citizen, returning from London. Electronic devices searched and seized for several days.
Denver Airport – Complaint dated 04/05/12

"EIGHT persons have been handling my personal laptop computer..."

U.S. visa holder. Electronic devices searched and copied.
Detroit Airport, Miami Airport – Complaint dated 03/15/12

“I would like to know what a 'suggestive pose' is and what relevance it is to U.S. Customs.”

Traveler with undisclosed citizenship, flying from Guatemala on six occasions. Electronic devices searched. Detained three hours. Questioned about sexual orientation.
New York City Airport – Complaint dated 10/18/16

"I would like [to] continue my work as a journalist without being treated as a suspect."

U.S. citizen, journalist. Electronic devices, notebooks, and camera searched and copied.
Raleigh Airport, Miami Airport – Complaint dated 10/5/11

"[What] I have had to endure the past three times [is] flat out harassment."

U.S. Citizen, traveling from wedding and honeymoon in Mexico. Electronic devices searched. Subject to invasive physical search.
Houston Airport – Complaint dated 09/17/13

“He asked if I'm gay ... if I ever shared a housing with anyone who is gay."

U.K. citizen, traveling from Colombia. Electronic devices searched. Handcuffed and held in a cell.
Canadian Road Crossing – Complaint dated 07/23/12

“[The] officer got very upset ... and separated me from my family and handcuffed me...”

U.S. visa holder, doctor, returning from Canade with family. Electronics devices searched. Passwords demanded for email and Facebook accounts. Detained five hours.
Chicago Airport – Complaint dated 08/01/14

“He told me not to call an attorney or other help because that would end even worse for me.”

U.S. visa holder, returning from Germany, student. Electronic devices searched. Visa revoked.
Los Angeles Airport – Complaint dated 12/05/14

"Among the questions were. . . How many times do you pray a day?"

Traveler, returning from Egypt and Syria. Electronic devices searched.
Dallas Airport – Complaint dated 10/24/15

"She only saw a vulnerable pregnant woman like me..."

Traveler from Ghana. Electronic devices and social media accounts extensively searched.
Memphis Airport, New York City Airport – 09/27/12

"[People's] prayer requests (deeply personal)... were collected, read, copied..."

Traveler with undisclosed citizenship. All documents copied. Detained four hours. Questioned about religious affiliation, political beliefs, and charitable contributions.
Miami Airport – Complaint dated 02/24/13

"[I] love this country as much as any patriotic American..."

U.S. citizen, returning from Canada. Electronic devices searched. Detained eight hours with three-year-old son. Laptops returned broken after four months.
Undisclosed Port – Complaint dated 03/15/13

"He told me he could make life very difficult for me ... "

Traveler with undisclosed citizenship, flight attendant. Electronic devices searched.
Undisclosed Port – Complaint dated 12/05/11

"I felt he was taking it too far by accusing me of being an escort."

U.S. visa holder. Electronic devices searched.
Canadian Road Crossing – Complaint dated 08/03/15

“My cellphone is also my work phone and contained attorney / client privileged information."

U.S. resident, Nigerian citizen. Electronic devices searched.
San Francisco Airport – Complaint dated 06/11/15

"My family and I feel belittled, ashamed, humiliated, and disgraced..."

U.S. citizen. University-owned laptop and other electronic devices searched. Detained for several hours.