Kate Conger is a technology reporter for the New York Times. She previously worked as a senior reporter at Gizmodo. Conger writes about tech policy, security, and labor. @kateconger


Cameron Hickey is an Emmy Award–winning journalist and documentarian. He has produced and shot content for the PBS NewsHour, NOVA, Bill Moyers, American Experience, WNET, PBS World, and the New York Times. Hickey would like to pursue projects related to the issue of misinformation on Facebook’s platform, and the company’s efforts to combat it. @cameronhickey


Kashmir Hill is a senior reporter for the Special Projects Desk at Gizmodo Media Group, where she produces investigative work about privacy, technology, and security. @kashhill


Arvind Narayanan is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. He leads the Princeton Web Transparency and Accountability Project to uncover how companies collect and use our personal information. He is an affiliated faculty member at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton and an affiliate scholar at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society. @random_walker


Aviv Ovadya is the former Chief Technologist at the Center for Social Media Responsibility, University of Michigan School of Information and Knight News Innovation Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism where he has explored the scope and spread of misinformation on platforms like Facebook. His work is focused on on ensuring that our online information ecosystem has a positive impact on society. This involves identifying, measuring, and mitigating the indirect harms of social media and related technologies that affect public discourse. @metaviv