Book Launch: Mistrust
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Book Launch: Mistrust

A conversation with Ethan Zuckerman about why losing faith in institutions provides the tools to transform them

From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, and from cryptocurrency advocates to the #MeToo movement, Americans and citizens of democracies worldwide are losing confidence in what we once called the system. This loss of faith has spread beyond government to infect a broad swath of institutions—the press, corporations, digital platforms—none of which seem capable of holding us together. The dominant theme of contemporary civic life is mistrust in institutions—governments, big business, the health care system, the press.

How should we encourage participation in public life when neither elections nor protests feel like paths to change? The Knight Institute’s Katy Glenn Bass talks to Ethan Zuckerman about his new book, Mistrust, exploring ways to address the public’s loss of faith in institutions through new ways of participating in civic life.


  • Online

    Mistrust: Why Losing Faith in Institutions Provides the Tools to Transform Them

    Moderated by Katy Glenn Bass, Research Director, Knight First Amendment Institute

    Speaker: Ethan Zuckerman, Author, Knight Institute Visiting Research Scholar, and Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


  • Katy Glenn Bass

    Katy Glenn Bass

    Research Director, Knight Institute

  • Ethan Zuckerman

    Ethan Zuckerman

    Knight Institute Visiting Research Scholar 2020-2021; University of Massachusetts at Amherst