Litigation Director Alex Abdo joined the National Constitution Center’s America’s Town Hall conversation series this week for a discussion, moderated by Jeffrey Rosen and also featuring Clay Calvert and David Greene, on the technology cases currently before the Supreme Court. These cases address whether public officials can block people on social media and how, and whether, the government can influence social media platforms’ content moderation decisions.

On how to address the concentration of power in the social media platforms over public discourse, Abdo noted, “Laws directed at competition, or interoperability, or privacy, or transparency … are a much better model to pursue than laws that are directed at content moderation directly.”

Watch the full conversation below or listen to this We the People podcast episode. 

Read the Knight Institute’s friend-of-the-court briefs in Murthy v. Missouri, O’Connor-Ratcliff v. Garnier, Lindke v. Freed, and Moody v. NetChoice & NetChoice v. Paxton.