The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse
Edmon de Haro

The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse

An essay series addressing the tech giants' power to shape public discourse

In November 2019, the Institute convened a major symposium at Columbia University, titled “The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse,” to address concerns arising from the dominance of a small number of technology companies over a wide range of economic and expressive activity. The essays in this series were originally presented and discussed at this two-day event. Written by scholars and experts in law, computer science, economics, information studies, journalism, political science, and other disciplines, the essays focus on two questions: how and to what extent the technology giants’ power is shaping public discourse, and whether anti-monopoly tools might usefully be deployed to expose or counter this power.

Here you can find links to the symposium's program and full-length videos of each panel. 

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