Public Officials and Social Media
Melinda Beck


Public Officials and Social Media

Through groundbreaking litigation such as Knight Institute v. Trump—a lawsuit challenging former President Trump's practice of blocking critics from his Twitter account—the Institute has been instrumental in establishing a basic principle: once public officials open up an online space for expressive activity to the public at large, the First Amendment prohibits them from excluding speakers on the basis of viewpoint. Courts throughout the country have invoked this case to preclude other public officials from silencing their social media critics. 

This blog channel highlights the Institute’s ongoing work in this area and explores the many challenging First Amendment questions that continue to emerge. 


Essays and Scholarship

What We Owe Whistleblowers

Jameel Jaffer argues that their disclosures since 9/11 have been vital, and that we should protect them better than we do

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Press Statement

Researchers, Knight Institute Call on Facebook to Reinstate Researchers' Accounts in Light of FTC Statement

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Knight Institute v. CDC

A FOIA lawsuit seeking policies restricting CDC employees' speech

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Reading Room

Transparency & Democracy

The OLC's Opinions

Documents released in our FOIA lawsuit for OLC legal opinions issued prior to 1994

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