Toward a Better Internet


Toward a Better Internet

Could a civic-minded digital media emerge as a counterweight to the current platform-dominated internet, where algorithms help spread mis- and disinformation, echo chambers cabin our online interactions, and tech giants dominate over a wide range of economic and expressive activities? 

This blog channel explores the possibility of building a better internet, one that facilitates public discourse, respects individual privacy, and fosters democratic processes. 


Essays and Scholarship

What We Owe Whistleblowers

Jameel Jaffer argues that their disclosures since 9/11 have been vital, and that we should protect them better than we do

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Press Statement

Researchers, Knight Institute Call on Facebook to Reinstate Researchers' Accounts in Light of FTC Statement

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Knight Institute v. CDC

A FOIA lawsuit seeking policies restricting CDC employees' speech

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Reading Room

Transparency & Democracy

The OLC's Opinions

Documents released in our FOIA lawsuit for OLC legal opinions issued prior to 1994

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